Bangladeshi Nationals Arrested For Immigration Offence

Immigration enforcement officers in Britain have arrested four Bangladeshi nationals, from the Indian restaurant in Townhill Farm District Centre at Wessex Road. They were arrested for involvement in immigration offenses and were taken to the detention center.

The restaurant was raided by the enforcement officer at around 06:00 PM on Friday. A 40-year old man who witnessed the incident said, “I saw three vans parked up outside the restaurant and there were immigration officials and police.

“I saw the officers moving about in a couple of upstairs flats above the restaurant and they looked like they were looking for paperwork.

“Someone else told me that they saw four people being led away in handcuffs and then they were taken away.

“But afterwards the restaurant was still packed and they were still serving people.”

A Home Office spokeswoman said, that her department responded after receiving inputs from the intelligence.

She said, “Staff were questioned to check they had the right to live and work in the UK. As a result, four Bangladeshi nationals were arrested for immigration offences and taken into immigration detention. A referral notice was served on the restaurant for all four people as the employer was unable to provide evidence that the requisite pre-employment checks had been carried out.”

The penalty for working illegally has been increased to £20000 from £10000 in 2014 for every individual involved in the crime.

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