13 Foreign Nationals Detained in Malaysia for Working Illegally

The Malaysia Immigration Department, in the recent raids, has arrested 13 women, of which 8 were Thailand nationals, one from Laos and Myanmar, and three were from Vietnam.

According to the investigation reports from the Immigration department, 13 were working illegally in the two entertainment centers without valid work permits.

The immigration officials also arrested the two local people for supporting providing employment and shelter to the immigrants.

Quickly responding to the complaints from the local communities, officials actively raided the entertainment centers.

Initially, when they have come to know about the raid, the workers tried to escape from the area, but the officials have surrounded the centers premises to arrest the immigrants.

Kedah Immigration officials responding to the situation said that the immigration officials are taking the issue seriously, as the people were hired illegally by the local employers.

Further investigation will be conducted on the issue to dig out the facts and if there is any number of foreign nationals working in the Malaysia through illegal routes.

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