Don't Be a Victim of Visa Forgery

Posted on: 20 Jun 2016  |   Tags: ,

On one side of the world, countries are trying to protect their immigrants. On the flip side, illegal immigrants are becoming more and more creative. Here is a unique case from Hyderabad that recently happened.

Vidya Shridharan from Hyderabad recently got arrested in San Diego who was accused of traveling to the USA on a forged visa. Investigations took quite a while as two people traveled on the same visa and the forgery was impeccable.

After a week of analysis, it turned out that Vidya Shridharan’s visa was the original one and the impostor managed to enter the USA without being detected. As shocking as it may seem, this forgery began in the ‘gallis’ (streets) of Ameerpet, where a consultancy took Vidya Shridharan’s Passport copy and showcased it in their successes at the entrance of their office. The fraudsters took a photograph of the same and successfully created an exact copy by just making changes to the facial features to look identical to the other women.

While it came as a shocker to Shridharan that her visa copy being displayed in the consultancy’s success list with her permission could cause such embarrassment and agony. I am sure even the consultant would not have thought about this.

Ex-Visa officer Tom Rooney says “It is very important not to display your visa anywhere except at the airports. Also, don’t let anyone take or keep a copy of the same. In the case of lost passports, the owner should immediately report to the concerned departments.”

This is one of the reasons why I don’t advise people to display their visas on the success list. Would you want people to advantage out of it? I doubt that very much.

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