Airport Police Arrested two Indians for Having Fake Malaysian Visas

Airport Police Arrested two Indians for Having Fake Malaysian Visas

In a different case, officials of immigration caught a man from state of Telangana, who had moved to Malaysia 2 years before on a visitor visa and returned with a false immigration seal from officials of Malaysia in the previous week.

The accused, Mohammed Razi, aged 25, a Nizamabad resident, said officials that he had given 1.8 lakh to a person, Sheikh Sameer Alam who is from Bangalore, to obtain a job in Malaysia. Sheikh Sameer sent him to Malaysia on a visitor visa requesting him to approach Raja Pratap Singh.

Soon after arriving in Kuala Lumpur, Mohammed Razi met Raja Pratap Singh, who hired him as a laborer and provided his accommodation for a tenure of 2 years illegally for a regular price. Later two years, Razi had earned sufficient amount and decided to return. Singh assisted him with a fraudulent visa and return ticket.

The Kempegowda Bengaluru International Airport (K.I.A) police, who have now taken up the case upon Razi and remaining, below cheating and different sections of the Passport Act, 1967, there is a suspect that Mohammed Razi was part of a global racket where touts are sending unskilled workers and laborers to Malaysia.

The touts in the Malaysia provide their employment and accommodation illegally for a regular service charge. They also provide a fraudulent visa whenever unauthorized immigrants need to return.

Similar Case in Bengaluru International Airport

In a related case last week, the administrators caught Rasool Khan aged 43, a businessman from Bangalore, while he was attempting to board a flight to Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur from Kempegowda Bengaluru International Airport.

Rasool Khan insisted that he was a businessperson and traveled to many nations usually on a business visa. However, upon verifying, immigration officials found that Rasool Khan had visited China and Nigeria prior with a false visa stamping.

He said to the officials of immigration that he had visited Malaysia in this Jan 2019 on a business tour and desired to stay there permanently. He had approached a local agent, Sunni, and gave 40,000 ringgit to obtain a Malaysia PR visa. Sunni received the visa, directed Rasool to return to Bangalore and come again to Malaysia later two months.

In the previous month, officials of immigration have caught as several as 15 individuals traveling with false Malaysian visas.

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