Indian Business Person Jailed for Visa Scam

A former Cairns based businessman jailed for a visa scam who exploited the poor people assuring them a job in Australia.

Sukhwant Sona Singh Bhela lured the people of Punjab region in India, he charged $50,000 for each individual willing to take his service.

He was produced in the Cairns District Court; the Judge Brian said: “I accept you set up a very substantial operation for profit.”

Bhela brought 43 applicants into the country by misrepresenting himself as a registered agent, between January 2006 and June 2009.

The scam included fake documentation, false English tests; the applicants had basic understanding towards the English language.

When the employer pulled their sponsorship, Bhela pretended as a sponsor to the applicant many times.  He trained candidates to answer the authorities.

The court was informed that 53-year old accused was guilty on 97 immigration charges and interestingly, Bhela denied the charges and said that he was helping poor people.

Judge Harrison said, “The jury rejected outright your evidence in that regard and the reason for that came from your own mouth,”

The phone data revealed “time and time again” Bhela had clearly stated his fee was $50,000 per application.

No such evidence had been produced to show that he has taken money. The Defense Lawyer said that accused made a significant contribution to the people of society.

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