US Investigation Warns DHS on Graduates Getting Work Visas Fraudulently

US Investigation Warns DHS on Graduates Getting Work Visas Fraudulently

As per the report by the US Government Office of Accountability, Federal agencies need to work harder to stop Chinese and Indian college graduates fraudulently obtaining work visas and jobs which are required by their U.S. counterparts. This report hides most of the information of the GAO's investigation, partially because of the advantages of white-collar labor trafficking cause regular and widespread fraud. In the recent few years, for instance, the Homeland Security Department had dissolved many fraudulent universities which practiced fraud to get real work permits for plenty of Chinese and Indians graduates.

Examples of Fake Operations

The false operations cover the Southern States University and San Diego International Academy of English in 2011, the University of East-West Medicine and Herguan University in 2012, the Micropower Career Institute which is New York-based in 2014, and the Tri-Valley University in the year 2014. Federal people have also marked three Korean managers in the year 2015, Daniel Cabanillas at Mercyhurst University in the year 2017, many Chinese students in the year 2018, five individuals in 2019, and Findream in 2019.

The scam is not a victimless offense because it pumps a higher number of international graduates into the labor market of the U.S., so encouraging to suppress salaries and decrease job openings for American graduates. Now, the government programs legally grant work permits for a labor force of approximately 1.5 million international contract workers who contain white-collar jobs in the USA. Those workers cover the OPT graduates, as well as international workers in the H-1B,  E-2, J-1, H4EAD, TN, and L-1 programs.

The GAO report recommends officials of DHS to recruit more inspectors, review, and demand for the prior filing of updated documents, and check the bona fides of top officials at universities, train and manage the university administrators who are deemed to assure compliance with federal rules. The proposals suggest that some of the university administrators moved from one fake university to another fake university and hide their real identification.

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