US Immigration: New Asylum Ban May Lead to Higher Illegal Immigration

US Immigration: New Asylum Ban May Lead to Higher Illegal Immigration

The US administration is attempting to stop asylum as we clearly know it is for Central American migrants and also for others who are coming from the south border active today. The Homeland Security Department and the Justice Department announced a rule that would create asylum seekers who arrive to the USA by land unsuitable for asylum unless they have initially applied and been rejected in the nations they transitioned through.

The administration says that America's asylum regulations have become an attraction for all kinds of individuals with all sorts of motives, not only just for those who are escaping abuse and danger. It has twisted the border resources of the country and emphasized its processing capability to a breaking point. As evidence, the administration writes that the rejection rate for asylum seekers has constantly been rising and reached 65% in 2018. That rate is hardly unusual or massively out of line with former trends.

Actual Solution

Central American migrants absolutely do have many motives for coming to the USA. They are watching for the fastest way out of political instability and gang violence. But such situations also lead to economic poverty, so they are also attending for jobs. The principal reason they end up practicing the asylum path is that guest worker visas are even more difficult to land. Furthermore, unlike asylum, they do not offer an opportunity for PR in America.

The more excellent way to reduce the pressure on the asylum system could be to create further low-skilled work visas similar to the H-2B for seasonal non-agricultural workers and H-2A for agricultural workers open to Central American migrants.

There are several ways to deal with the Central American migrants rush. Banning asylum is the current president's favored choice is by far the worst.

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