US: ICE to Deport Suspect Charged with Negligent Homicide

US: ICE to Deport Suspect Charged with Negligent Homicide

The pickup truck driver accused of negligent homicide regarding the deaths of seven motorcyclists had been previously arrested for drug possession and usage according to a video released on Thursday by Texas police.

Last week, seven motorcyclists were killed in New Hampshire by a pickup truck driver, an incident tagged negligent homicide by authorities. Following the incident, police released a video showing the man accused of the death of the cyclists had been previously arrested and charged with drug possession.

The video shows an event that played out on February 11 between 23-year-old Volodymyr Zhukovskyy and the police. A Denny's restaurant contacted the police about a disorderly customer, and on arriving at the scene, officers asked Zhukovskyy what drug he took observing his constant motion. He denied taking any drug, stating he was very tired and only needed to sleep.

Following the request to search him, an officer found crack pipe on him and was then arrested and charged for the possession of the drug.

After four months, Zhukovskyy was at it again when a truck he was driving hauled five cars in Baytown. Fortunately, no injury was recorded, and no charge was filed.

Unfortunately, less than 21 days later, Zhukovskyy crashed into a group of motorcyclists after his truck crossed the center line of a two-lane road. The tragedy led to the immediate death of seven cyclists and another three were injured.

ICE Pressing for Deportation

Following the tragedy, ICE has placed a detainer on the Ukrainian and requested his criminal history.

In the meantime, Zhukovskyy is in ICE custody awaiting trial having pleaded not guilty to charges laid against him. The detainer on him implies ICE can remove him whenever he is freed.

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