Trump’s administration unlike Barrack Obama has always been against providing Asylum to the illegal migrants trying to cross the United States border from the Mexico and beyond. The administration has also reported that more than 1,000 cases of severe crimes like kidnapping, assaults, rapes,  etc… were committed by the asylum seekers from the Mexico.


Obama’s administration in 2017 had filed over 120,000 cases of asylum seekers in the United States, which was reduced by over 55 percent in the coming years by Trump’s administration. Trump administration under the Migration Protection Protocol, laid stringent rules to minimise migrants entering the United States for seeking asylum.


Trump has taken an advantage of Covid-19 situation to achieve his goal by foreclosing asylum for migrants coming in from other parts of Mexico and Southern America. The Department of Homeland Security has closed border between the two countries to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus. The decision has been taken by both the authorities to stop the non essential travel between the two places and shut the borders to prevent the spread of the virus which has already taken a troll on the United States.


The Department of Health and Human Services which is responsible for unaccompanied children has announced that children will also be deported to their home countries to prevent the spread of virus on a case by case basis. United Nations has seized borders to everyone including the non-essential travellers and asylum seekers which left around 60,000 asylum seekers to remain in the Mexico under Migration Protection Protocol in the refugee camps, for those whose cases were scheduled for hearing are postponed to 1st May. Thousands of refugees seeking asylum in the United states are now stranded at the southern border during this pandemic situations.


The Trump’s administration in the last summer has issued new regulations that added a special condition of eligibility for those seeking asylum in the United States. The rule that those who seek asylum in the United States, cannot apply for asylum without submitting a proof/evidence that h/she has applied for an asylum in the third country while enrouting their way to United States and have been declined on the same. This was introduced by keeping in view that anyone from the Northern Triangle would more likely cross Mexico and hence must first seek an asylum in Mexico.


Despite of all the stringent policies that were made to achieve the single minded goal of abolishing asylum, some applicants were able to get hearings and ascertain their claims. However, due to Covid-19 outbreak everything is put on a hault. The travel between the two countries has been restricted for a indefinite period of time by both the authorities. The Covid-19 outbreak strictly imposes the refugees seeking asylum in the United States to remain in Mexico only and more to be deported soon from the United States on a case by case basis which includes a lot of unaccompanied children who might have entered the United Nations to seek asylum due to domestic and other abusive violence's. The attorneys in the United States however, not seemed to be in favour of this act and said that the way refugees are looked at must change. They also add that rather than spending huge on the border security, the countries must ensure that people should not get into the situation of seeking asylum in the first place as many of these cases are reported due to violence's in various types.


StayatHome and Staysafe.


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