There Won't Be Any Deportations, But No Coming Back Too.

Posted on: 11 May 2020  |   Tags: Deport Illegal Immigrants ,

Admist Covid-19, there has been a lot of chaos on a number of visa statuses in the US, including several homeless migrant workers, illegal immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers etc… However, the list also included the H-1B and other foreign students who were feared to remain in the US on illegal status after their visa expiry as the international borders are shut from late Mar’2020 due to Covid-19 spread and out break.


Several refugees from the bordering countries in the US were deported back admist Covid-19 pandemic. However the US Government has come to the rescue of the several H-1B holders, international students and visitors who could not get back to the home country after the expiry of their visa statuses in the US.


The federal agency has given extension to these visa holders and said there won’t be any deportations, but there is no coming back for those whose visas are expired during the lockdown period. The visa holders would be sent back to their home country as soon as the international borders are open by their home countries.


Millions of Indians are stranded in the US as their visas are expired during this pandemic and most of them could neither renew their application or apply for another visa category as most of the operations at the USCIS was closed due to coronavirus spread in the country.


Almost 2000 odd evacuation requests was received by the US Govt, but due the ban on international travel, the federal agency decided to extend the visas of all those who would not travel back to their home country.


Over lakhs of H-1B holders and other temporary workers are expected to lose their visa statuses in the US and are worried about retaining the visa status as getting a new job or employer sponsorship is also a challenge where over 33 million Americans have already recorded to have lost their jobs in the US.


Most of the H-1B holders, students on post study work visa and temporary workers will have to return back to their country once the international travel ban is lifted by most of the countries.

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