The US administration is continuing to deport 1000’s of people to Mexico, Haiti, Guatemala cities every day to scramble the spread of Covid-19 outbreak. Hundreds of deportees, men, women, and children, a few of them who are unaccompanied arrive at the refugees camps in Mexico and other cities sharing the southwestern border with the US.


The authorities has reported that the deportees shows symptoms of novel coronavirus as they enter into the country from United States, which has been one of the major reasons for the spread of the virus in the country.


Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, have received deportees who were test positive. The country has just 62 ventilators for a population of 11 million people fear the spread of the virus in the country as 3 deportees from the US had tested positive.


Mexico has also witnessed deportees in vulnerable conditions with the symptoms like red eyes, dry cough and fever as they enter the country and are furious to know that the screening at the US was not done before deporting the deportees. A man deported to Nuevo Laredo from Houston was not showing up any symptoms and was sent to the migrants shelter which received 14 new positive cases since then.


The ICE in the US has confirmed that it has detained close to 2900 deportees from the US in the first 11 days of April and has been detaining close to 20000 deportees per month on an average starting Jan 2020. The agency also said that any detainee who fails the screening or show up a temperature of 99 degrees and above would be immediately referred to the medical provider for further screening and medication and those who do not show symptoms will only be deported from the country.


The US officials addresses several immigration changes that were made during this pandemic and are bound by law to continue deportations to be able to scramble the spread of the pandemic in the country.


The migrant shelters in Mexico and Central America are worried about the outbreak and have shut their doors. A lot of deportees were those who have spent about a decades in the US and are now deported to the country of their birth, which also makes difficult for them to find a new home or shelter admist this pandemic.  

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