Siblings Pleaded Guilty to Marriage Fraud

A brother and his sister have pleaded guilty to charges concerning marriage fraud were done in a bid to edge immigration laws.

On October 25 and November 2, in a US district court in Cedar Rapids, 27 years old Selmir Salkanovic and his sister Salena Dedic respectively pleaded guilty to a single count charge relating to marriage fraud conspiracy. This charge carries up to five years jail term and a $250,000 fine which will be decided later.

According to authorities, Salkanovic arranged a marriage with an unidentified US citizen last year when faced with the risk of being deported to Bosnia. His B-2 visa expired in 2015 and was being processed for overstaying his visa. His sister, Dedic, was accused of offering the unidentified woman $5,000 to facilitate the marriage fraud.

With the marriage documents, Salkanovic would have been able to get conditional residency status with the possibility of upgrading it to permanent residency after two years.

Arranged Marriage

Salkanovic and the woman had their wedding in June 2017. After that, they both lived separately and never consummated the marriage as revealed by court records.

Dedic, Salkanovic’s sister, was alleged to have given the unidentified woman cheques worth a total of $1,250 as well as an old model Ford Taurus. In return, she requested the woman to fill the immigration paperwork in order to ensure Salkanovic’s stay in the US.

The woman was also to go to Omaha to attend an immigration hearing for Salkanovic. Dedic equally wooed her into becoming best friends with her brother until immigration officials are off their back.

In July 2017, the woman wrote a letter of support for the change of immigration status as well as filled a Petition in favor of Salkanovic.

These two siblings were indicted in October by a federal grand jury.

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