Professor Victoria Sanford Says 'Migrants Are Not Criminals'

The immigrants keep advancing through Mexico in an attempt to enter the US. Amidst these migrating caravans are thousands of Honduran migrants. Despite several explicit, profound and aggressive warnings and moves (including thousands of US troops deployed to the border) by the US government against their migration, they yet hope to get asylum in the United States. To keep moving irrespective of this obvious resistance must be motivated and driven by a great impetus. It has to be something these migrants perceive or consider to be stronger than whatever lies ahead of them. Honduras, as an example, is a country plagued with a high level of poverty and violence. It is full of misrule and criminality. While there has been no official statement as to why they are migrating, one could quite easily infer from the situations of the country they are fleeing besides unofficial statements gathered. These migrants (a great number of children inclusive) are fleeing crime and poor governance, how can anyone, therefore, portray them as dangerous and violent? Way Forward According to Professor Victoria Sanford, the US as a people, especially its government, must realize that cruelty, as well as an alliance with other government, is not the solution to the situation at hand. “We have to look elsewhere and show an example to the world,” added Sanford who is the director of the Center for Human Rights and Peace Studies at Lehman College. Instead of invasion, this is a case of criminality, corruption and misrule in Central America. This is a case of men, women and lots of children who need help, assault against them will be totally unlike America. Sanford said that these migrants are not criminals (there has not been any proof to show otherwise), hence must not be portrayed in this manner. They are seeking to escape what they are being tagged. She also said that if the US does not want this people as a country, especially with reasons that can be proved, we should try to understand the situation and then give a hand in getting the best alternative. The “United States cares for the weak and helpless, providing shelter and hope,” she added. Stay in touch and get alerts & emails directly in your inbox by subscribing to VisaCrimes Check here for our latest immigration updates, local immigration activities, emerging trends, visa news updates for Australia, Canada, US, UK, Germany and more.

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