Illegal Immigrant Businessman Indicted for Underpaying Workers

Illegal Immigrant Businessman Indicted for Underpaying Workers

An immigrant, who prosecutors said came into the US illegally, was last month indicted, for underpaying other illegal immigrants, and failing to withhold their income taxes, in order to enrich himself.

Juan Antonio Perez, 46, a Bartow County businessman, owns a home construction business, in North Georgia, and has several employees working for him. The operations of this illegal immigrant, who entered the US illegally, almost 30 years ago were investigated, following his responses to questions, in an unrelated lawsuit. It was discovered that the Mexican has managed to build a successful business, where he makes millions of dollars, by underpaying his employees, also immigrants, and refusing to withhold their taxes, including income taxes, and Social security taxes, prosecutors said.

It was also discovered, that he breached Federal Law, by not requesting Employment Authorization Documents known as I-9 forms from his employees.

Immigration and weapon charges indictment

Perez lives in luxury including fleets of vehicles, homes, offices and guns, according to prosecutors.  He was indicted last month, for offences, that could see him serve 20 years jail term. His indictment includes, possession of weapons, and housing unauthorized immigrants, for self gain, while he is an illegal immigrant himself.

Perez pleaded not guilty, with his previous lawyer, stating that employees are fully documented, and taxes are equally paid for them.

Perez was investigated for five years by Federal Authorities, whose affidavit revealed that the investigation was based on Perez's answers in the lawsuit as well as tips and tax records.

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