Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Assault Amidst other Offences by ICE

A woman who was arrested on February 15 for assault of a 23-year-old Mashpee man is now in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody as an illegal immigrant who has been in the country illegally since overstaying a tourist visa that dates back to1994. Rosiane Santos, a Brazilian immigrant who is facing charges of assault amidst other offenses, will go through removal proceedings before immigration federal court according to ICE spokesman John Mohan. Responding to her hate crime arrest, Santos said she had to stand up to discrimination having to be its victim all her life. She admitted that perhaps she could have walked away if she did not drink a bit too much. The MAGA hat used by the young man irritated her. The Mashpee man, Bryton Turner, said he was assaulted by the woman. She knocked my hat off severally and told the bartender to poison him, he said.

Casa Vallarta Mexican restaurant

Turner was with friends at Casa Vallarta Mexican restaurant in Falmouth where the illegal Brazilian immigrant was too. The woman quizzed Turner about what is written on his cap and why he would wear such. This is America, and I can wear this hat wherever I choose - she started insulting me before pushing my hat off and threw it across the bar a few times, he said. Cops arrived at the scene following the bartender's call to 911. The woman hit the bartender as she was being led out of the bar by the cops. Turner said the law finally caught up with when commenting on the woman's arrest by ICE over the illegal presence in the country. Santos' arrest is the second arrest involving Illegal immigrants that ICE made this week. The first was the arrest of Victor Bamaca-Perez, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala. He was charged with driving without a license and under the influence of alcohol as well as endangering the life of a child. Stay in touch and get alerts & emails directly in your inbox by subscribing to Visa Crimes Check here for our latest immigration updates, local immigration activities, emerging trends, visa news updates for Australia, Canada, US, UK, Germany and more.

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