H-1B Visa Stringent Rules May Lead Indian Techies to Explore Illegal Paths

H-1B Visa Stringent Rules May Lead Indian Techies to Explore Illegal Paths

While the US tightening H1B visa conditions amid a notable peak decline in the US visas number being announced, there is a probability that some Indian software professionals may also be attempting their luck to access the land of opportunity through illegal paths in Hungary, and Mexico IANS has learned.

On 18 Oct, Mexican immigration officials deported 311 Indians in those 310 were men and 1 woman who arrived New Delhi on 18 Oct evening, which is the biggest ever deportation in the history of Mexico in the Atlantic trans deportation via air.

Reasons Behind Indian Techies to Take illegal Paths

India has been requesting the U.S to be more tolerant in announcing H1B visas to IT professionals and engineers but no avail. Due to this, technology firms headquartered in the US are suffering with a shortage of talented software techies since the US H1B visa rules were tightened.

It may have influenced Indian techies to take illegal routes that normally taken by undocumented migrants to enter the U.S. The most familiar route to access U.S illegally for Indians in the country of Mexico is to difficult rides and enter the Guadalajara western city.

The different popular place for Indians to access the U.S illegally is city of Budapest in Hungary. The U.S executives newly uncovered a scam that has permitted international nationals to access the US under fake identities, through using vulnerabilities in passport system of Hungary.

A government source told that India does not encourage illegal immigration anywhere in the world, but in the matter of Indians especially in the case of documented newcomers if they face problems anywhere in the world along with the US, the government of India is with them.

As per the Pew Research, at the U.S-Mexico border, there are more conclusions that more number of non-Mexicans more than the Mexicans every year since the financial year 2016.

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