Activists in the US, Demand Judges to Shut Down Deportation Courts.

The activists in the USA demands judges to shut down deportation courts due to the fear of Covid-19 spread in the country which is recorded at a ghastly speed. The pandemic puts the lawyers, judges and the illegal migrants all at risk and hence the appeal was made to put a hault on all the active cases of deportation in the US.


The courts are now allowing lawyers to file the deportation statements via emails and have cancelled all the hearing for the non-detained migrants until May.  The measures by Federal Courts and Bureau of Prisons via the attorney general are taken to minimize the risk of the spread of Covid-19.


The action was taken followed by a media campaign which demanded the Justice Department to put public health at priority. An ACLU lawsuit persuaded the federal judge to release migrants from ICE detention centres because of the coronavirus threat. The federal judge on 31st March said the measures have been taken as ICE facilities are not equipped to protect petitioners from the fatal exposure of Covid-19. The constitution and laws at this pandemic situation must give priority to the public health and hence the deportation process has been put on a hault in the US.


The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University records 1,00,000 cases of illegal migrants just from the start of 2020. A total of around 11,00,000 cases are pending to be heard at the federal court. Trump’s deputies have added extra judges to the immigration courts and have also replaced many judges appointed by former President.


The inflow of illegal immigrants provides labour at lesser cost to the American employers and hence the spike in illegal migrants deportation could not be controlled by the country. The deportation court shall resume in May to reinstate the deportation process in the US.


Stay at Home and Stay Safe.


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