140 Criminal Immigrants and Immigration Violators Arrested by ICE

140 Criminal Immigrants and Immigration Violators Arrested by ICE

140 criminal immigrants and immigration violators were arrested by ICE - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement - officers in a five-day enforcement action.

The arrests, involving 135 men and five women, covered six Midwest states - 11 in Wisconsin, Missouri (12), Indiana (13), Kansas (16), and Kentucky and Illinois had the highest arrests with 143 and 145 respectively.

14 countries appear on the arrests chart - Benin, Cuba, Jordan, Micronesia, Moldova, Nicaragua, Poland, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea had one each, Ecuador and El Salvador had three apiece, Honduras had seven, Guatemala with 26 and Mexico alone had about 70 percent of the arrests, 96.

Prior Criminal Histories

42, about one-third, of the arrested aliens have criminal records and convictions including assault, battery, cruelty, domestic violence, DUI, possession, and trafficking of drug, illegal re-entry after deportation, unauthorized possession of weapons, fraud, larceny, and identity theft, among others.

20 of them illegally re-entered the US after initial deportation, and a further 53 are immigration fugitives, according to ICE. Re-entering the US illegally after initial deportation is a felony act and could see such aliens jailed for nothing short of 20 years, depending on the crime committed.

The six states affected are under Chicago area of responsibility, and all arrested aliens could end up being removed from the US.

Acting field office director for ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Chicago, Louie Zamora, said the operation carried out by the ICE targeted aliens, public threats, who have violated US immigration laws. He emphasized ICEs commitment to the removal of threats to communities.

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