Would US Allow Few Undocumented Immigrants Reside?

Posted on: 23 Apr 2016  |   Tags: Reside in US , Settle in USA , US government ,

As many as 10 million immigrants are residing without documents in the US due to they are unregistered with the authorities and the hide from the US government.

Would US allow few undocumented immigrants reside

For instance, they could pay taxes, they don’t apply for jobs because that need a job permit, driver’s license or loans for purchasing houses.

If they found they could be deported, which means they are returned back to their home nations. But this week, the Supreme Court of the US is considering whether to permit few undocuments immigrants for residing for a restricted duration and apply to job unlawfully.

The verdict of court would impact only undocumented immigrants who meet three requirements. those who had not found to be guilty of crime, those who were residing in the US for previous five years or for more period of time and those who has a child who born and brought up lawfully in the US.

Around 4 million immigrants who don’t have documents meet these requirements. The US Supreme Court would declare its verdict this summer season, most likely in the month of June.

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