U.S Citizens Commit More Crimes than Migrants: Report Says

Posted on: 23 Mar 2017  |   Tags: crime in USA , latest visa crime , visa news ,

Recently, two studies published show that in the United States of America, foreigners commit atrocities of a different kind, and are punished at a considerably lesser rate than citizens in the United States.

The research by a criminal law and study body in the United States discovered that “Non-US born residents of the country are less likely to be involved in the criminal activities than citizens born in the United States of America. A different research shows that the rate at which they are both judges and punished depending on their race, citizen status or cultural background is different.

“All foreigners are far less inclined to be punished for a crime committed than citizens of the country,” a report stated.

During his campaign and for much of his tenure up until now, the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has painted the picture of migrants as being criminals, terrorists and a threat to the general safety of mankind.

According to the current president’s 2018 budget for the country, the nation’s section for homeland security would have a monetary allocation of around $3 billion to aid its border control and migration policies.

When the current president made public his presidential ambitions, he said that undocumented migrants are a source of criminal activities and a threat to the safety of the society.

And in his campaign speeches and promises, he continuously talks about Americans who have lost beloved family members to criminal activities perpetrated by these undocumented aliens.

“It's all about the actions we would take in the enforcement of these policies. The president has continuously made it clear what he stands for. He paints the migrants as criminals and holds them responsible for everything terrible that happens in the country, and sees them as a terrible influence in the nation,” a member of the United States House of Congress disclosed in an interview.

According to the two separate studies, though, foreigners are not so much a source of violence as the president would have us believe. In fact, citizens commit way more crime than migrants do.

Among a demography of people between the ages of 18 and 54, around 1.53% of citizens are imprisoned compared to around 0.85% of illegal migrants and 0.47% of legal foreigners in the country, one of the studies revealed.

The study also showed that there exist around 2 million United States born nationals, 64,000 legal aliens and about 123,000 illegal migrants in the country’s prisons.

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