The Truth about Crime and Illegal Immigrants

A lot of support has come in recent weeks for the unmanned borders of the country, with a lot of supporters of undocumented migration stating that the undocumented migrants are not a danger to the society in which they live. They have also expressed their belief that when compared to legal foreigners and even citizens of the country, these undocumented migrants commit fewer crimes than both. Anyone who has been observing the news recently will find that these supporters and proponents of undocumented migration always accuse the officials of the nation’s law enforcement bodies of being racist, against migration and scared of foreigners. Their statements carry a lot of weight but they lack the needed facts to make any fruitful impact. There has been deep research and investigation into the criminal activities of individuals residing within the Spanish, Hispanic and other cultural settlements communities in the United States. From the view of a criminologist with some background in forensics and a profession in criminal activities, there is a deep regard for truth and facts when making such arguments. From the research and statistics we have been able to pull up, here are a few of the facts about the connection between criminal activities and undocumented migrants. First of all, as an American citizen, there are three things you are most likely to care about. They are: 1) These undocumented migrants are responsible for more criminal activities than their American counterparts. 2) If these people had not been granted entry into the nation in the first place, these crimes would have been avoided totally, and we would not have a need to waste tax money on fighting such crimes. 3) They are in the nation without proper documentation. Former government has intentionally left citizens oblivious to the extent of these crimes perpetrated by these migrants. A lot of counties have hidden the truth and the figure of undocumented migration away from the citizens. They have concealed the criminal activities carried out by this group and the amount of money they have had to shell out to combat these crimes. In truth, it is hard to pinpoint the exact numbers of crimes these undocumented migrants are involved in, but it is not impossible. The research is hidden to both satisfy a selfish political aim and to prevent the general public from reacting to their lies. As at 2014, research indicated that there were more than 11 million undocumented migrants in the United States. This number accounts for around 3.5% of the population of the country.

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