Illegal Immigration at Southern Border is Down 61 Percent since Election Day

The current president of the United States, Donald Trump, reiterated to his supporters in Kentucky his desire to secure the border and to tackle illegal migration into the nation while they focused on whatever it was they enjoyed doing, such as watching their basketball team trounce other teams.

“My fellow Americans, we will build the biggest great wall ever seen. Larger than the wall of China. We will halt all of the incoming drugs into the country, destroying our kids, their future and the future of this nation,” the president said in an address on the 20th of March. “So much of the drugs in our country comes in from the border on the south of our nation.

Since we assumed power, we have severely cut down the rate of undocumented migration by a whopping 61%. 61 high percent, and we are just getting warmed up folks.”

The president also bragged about his 40% drop in undocumented migration in his first 30 days in office.

Now, the president is also extending his run to November last year to drive home his point of a significant drop in undocumented migration in the country. Arrests made at the border between the United States and Mexico fell by around 60% from November last year to February 2017, but experts in the affairs of migration have warned against attributing the success to Donald Trump’s migration laws.

The United States homeland security department disclosed on the 8th of March the list of undocumented foreigners that prove that during the period of the presidential elections of November 2016, customs officials made around 47,210 arrests. The figure for the month of February 2017 was at 18,762 arrests, signalling a 60% drop in arrests made.

The entire arrests made on the border on the south fell to around 63% during the same period.

The homeland security department described the entire arrests made by customs officials at the point of admission and ineligibility to come into the country at the point of entry determined by the country’s border and customs security office.

Information regarding the arrests made by the customs and border officials was requested from the agency before the speech held by the president at Kentucky, but the department stated that its numbers are recorded by months, and not by days. Take into account that this past season, there was a surge in the number of undocumented migrants entering the country, an official disclosed to journalists.

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