UK to Deport 30000 Pakistanis Who Overstayed their Visa

UK to Deport 30000 Pakistanis Who Overstayed their Visa

As the UK works on the details of returning thousands of Pakistanis living in the country illegally to their country, Pakistan has been warned to carefully look into every aspect of the move before coming to an agreement with the UK.

30,000 illegal Pakistanis are on their way out of the UK as the country pushes Pakistan to take back its nationals sets who had overstayed on a visitor visa. This was confirmed on Tuesday by Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

As the deportation process advances, Pakistan has been warned by legal experts to tread carefully in signing agreements with the British.

Increased cases of illegal stay

Responding to the expected deportation, a top official at the Pakistan High Commission in London said increased cases of illegal stay by Pakistanis have made the UK indisposed to granting visit visas to Pakistanis. Hence, he said the agreement is important for Pakistanis as the readmission treaty will give genuine Pakistanis applicants a real chance of getting the UK to visit visa. The official said a treaty has been signed by the two nations but said the process would take some time.

Above $2 billion enters Pakistan economy each year from the 1.5 million Pakistanis living in the UK.

The deportation process requires an agreement between the two countries because UK laws require the country to come to terms with a country before visa overstayers can be returned, unlike illegal immigrants and convicts who can be deported without such agreement.

The UK has to confirm the identity of the visa overstayers as well as get necessary documents before the Pakistanis can be returned to their country, which can only be done in mutual understanding.

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