UK Police Arrests Migrant Smuggling Gang

UK Police Arrests Migrant Smuggling Gang

Not less than 300 illegal immigrants were smuggled into the UK on Romanian Lorries by a huge multinational smuggling ring smashed by the joint effort of multinational police.

Migrants are put through terrible conditions as they spend days, concealed in cargo, on heavy Romanian goods vehicles before they are finally shipped into the port of Hull.

Each of these illegals, including Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, and Palestinians, forked out between £10,000 and £13,000 to be smuggled into the UK by the smuggling ring. Holland, French and Belgium routes are used by the gang.

International partnership against criminal networks

Loads of Pounds and Euro banknotes were found by Romanian police following the arrest of ten people connected to the smuggling ring. Three arrests were also made in the UK by a joint effort of Romania’s Special Operations Directorate, Britain’s National Crime Agency, and Europol. At least three arrests were also made in France hence breaking the strong multinational criminal network. The gang which police said has been operating since 2016 is said to have made about £3.2 million from smuggling illegals. They take at least £10,000 from each migrant who wants to be moved to Northern Holland, France, and Belgium to be finally smuggled into Britain across the channel.

Mark Spoors, the branch commander of Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA), said migrants are treated as commodities and are put through hellish conditions by organized immigration crime members.

He said NCA is joining forces with international partners to ensure these criminal networks are disrupted leading to arrest and prosecution of members. Getting “European Arrest Warrants are imperative to the pursuance of criminals on international soil, he said.

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