Man sentenced for threatening schools over his immigration status

A man who threatened three schools in the UK because of issues surrounding his immigration status has now been given a jail term and will also pay fine. At Hatfield Remand Court yesterday, May 1, 32-year-old Pirasanthan Logeswaran pleaded guilty to three charges of threats. According to the court, three schools (Bromet Primary School, Ascot Road Community Free School and Watford Grammar School for Girls) received different letters containing threats from Logeswaran on Tuesday, April 16. The schools got the letters during the holiday but immediately contacted the police once the contents were checked by staff. Securities around the schools were buffed up including the activation of safeguarding procedures by the schools. Following an investigation of the matter, Logeswaran was identified as a suspect and was swiftly arrested on April 29. After pleading guilty, he was given 18-week jail term, suspended for 12 months. He is to go through rehabilitation for a 20-day period and will pay a fine of £700.

Upset within the local community

  The threats sent by Logeswaran caused an understandable upset within the local community, according to Jason Finnegan - Detective Inspector from the Watford Local Crime Unit. He said reports of such nature are usually taken very serious leading to a thorough investigation with the full cooperation of the schools involved and other agencies. The Detective Inspector said Logeswaran sent the letters because of the grievance he had regarding his immigration status. The officer said it was an ill-judged decision that caused distress to parents and staff alike. Patrols were carried outside the three schools in order to give reassurance to the parties involved. Finnegan said Logeswaran is now very sorry for what he did. Stay in touch and get alerts & emails directly in your inbox by subscribing to Visa Crimes Check here for our latest immigration updates, local immigration activities, emerging trends, visa news updates for Australia, Canada, US, UK, Germany and more.

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