Immigration Fraud in the UK by an Indian Couple Involving Rs 14 Lakh

Immigration Fraud in the UK by an Indian Couple Involving Rs 14 Lakh

A police case was registered against an Indian couple Ekam Singh and Baljinder Kaur when they committed an immigration fraud when the complainant notified the officers regarding conned of £15,000 equaling Rs. 14 Lakh. They had scammed people after running an enterprise that claimed offering of visas. Also when they paid money the visa did not materialize

They  have huge following in Mohali, and are active on YouTube and Instagram by posting comedic videos. Even in the past there were other cases against them registered by the victims but the fresh case was initiated after Sukhbir Singh, came with an accusation of scamming him with Rs. 14 Lakh. The officers were informed of an advertisement for International Education.

He contacted the accused couple and also met them. They came with an offer of visa for Mr. Singh’s children to study abroad. The victim was convinced with their claims and expressed the desire to get the visas. He transferred 14 Lakh to the couple on diverse days. Also after paying the full amount he did not get the visas resulting in asking his money back which they refused. He made frequent attempts for the return of the money, and a cheque of Rs. 10 Lakh was given to Mr. Singh but it bounced. This ordeal was explained to officers resulting in a case was registered under sections 406, 420 and 120B of the IPC.

Earlier also there were accusation against them regarding the immigration fraud. Kaur was arrested On Aug 21st, 2019, but the police, is searching for her husband.

ASI H.Singh said that the accused was caught from Mataur after a tip-off and was produced in the court that sent her to a one-day remand.

Her husband was arrested in Jan 2019 and was later released on bail. The police investigation disclosed that this couple was running this business since 2014 and they claimed to offer visas. After 2018, five cases were registered against them. They had also conned a person of Rs. 16 Lakh by claiming to offer the visa to send a girl to Canada.

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