Fake Visa Scam - Fraudsters Allow 900 Migrants to Stay in UK

Fake Visa Scam - Fraudsters Allow 900 Migrants to Stay in UK

A Fake visa group set up bogus companies and made millions of pounds illegal through 53 businesses, and made their clients look similar to lucrative employees. 

Criminal intent

These fraudsters helped 900 illegal migrants to stay in the UK to make history as Britain's huge fake visa scam. They also transferred funds temporarily into clients' bank accounts and created forged payslips, provided bogus information to 900 applications to get the General and Entrepreneur Visas in between 2008 and 2013. They worked with the aim of making the migrants look similar to lucrative employees, because these applicants need to show having access to £50,000.  A customer of the gang was serving a fast food restaurant, but showed a salary £50,000 in his accounts.

The scam, was set to cost £16.6m to the taxpayer had it remained undiscovered, and was an immigration fraud of large scale and organized, becoming a sophisticated attack on the immigration system.

The culprits

Mohammed Jillur Rahman Khan, aged 43, Shaheda Roxsanna, aged 47, Mazharul Haque, aged 46, and Maksuda Begum, aged 45, were convicted of criminal conspiracy to deceive Secretary of State and cheat on the public revenue.   They walked free from Crown Court in Southwark today after the decision of a judge to suspend their sentences.

For many people arriving in the country for economic reasons, there is a time- frame because there is a necessity to prove having considerable income for staying in the country. Unfortunately people think of a solution and avail services that prove of no income and pay much more than the fair price.

Some migrants on temporary visas paid this gang £700 in cash for a help to remain in the UK.

Khan, from the Goldsmith Road, Peckham, in London, received the two-year sentence but it was suspended for two years.

The sentences

Roxsanna, of Felixstowe Road, Edmonton, London, received the 19-month sentence but it was suspended for two years.

Haque and Begum, Olive Road, Dartford, Kent, were received the 16 and 10 months sentences suspended for two years.

Maryam Arnott, belonging to the CPS, stated that this was the largest case of visa fraud dealt by the CPS and it is stunning at the lengths the persons exploited the immigration system in the Kingdom.

Dave Fairclough, of Criminal and Financial Investigation in Immigration Enforcement said that This was an organized and complicated attack on the immigration system. 

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