12 People Arrested in London for Outstanding Immigration Warrants

12 People Arrested in London for Outstanding Immigration Warrants

A dozen people who police say have outstanding immigration warrants were arrested in London, with the case later turned over to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

On Saturday, 22 June, evening, London police officers received a call for service in a residential area north of the city and promptly responded, according to a statement released by the police.

Following the swift response, an investigation was conducted, and officers found out that there are some people on outstanding immigration warrants living in the residence.

Officers moved in to arrest the individuals without creating a scene, and the case was after that handed over to the Canada Border Services Agency.

CBSA to Release Statement

Following the arrest, London police were contacted by newsmen, but only very few details were revealed. Anthony McKelvey, London police spokesman Const., confirmed the arrest and said 12 people were taken into custody in the operation. Attempts to get further details were cautiously denied by the spokesman.

As the search for more details continues, newsmen reached out to CBSA, but they could also not get anything out of them. Nonetheless, CBSA promised to release statement as soon as possible. The border agency will have to conduct its own investigation, of course in conjunction with London police, to ensure the right steps are taken.

The manner of this operation shows the connection and commitment among agencies, not just in a country but also among nations, to ensure a safe environment free from illegal immigrants for all.

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