Indian Government should ban Nigerians from coming to India, the former Goa Chief Minister Ravi Naik said that Goa doesn’t need Nigerian tourists anymore.

Belittling Nigerians, he called them as “Negroes”, and uncivilized; they are not only creating problems in Goa but throughout the nation in all the metro cities.

Mr. Naik said "The government of India should ban them. They should be probed. It should be checked whether they are here to study or for a picnic or to sell drugs."

"Nigerians come here and do 'dadagriri', in Delhi, Bengaluru, and the entire country. We should chase the Nigerians out of here. Have they come here to study? Are they really studying? Are they really going to college, schools? Are they really going to bogus schools or bogus typing schools, this has to be probed. It is very important,”

Nigerians are misusing the visa policy; they intentionally involve in the fraudulent practices to extend their stay in India.

Earlier, the Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar stated that many of the Goans were unhappy with the Nigerians attitude, and their lifestyle in the coastal state.

Nigerians in India are not law-abiding; they are active in selling drugs and other illegal activities.

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