Restriction Of 30,000 UK Student Visas Every Year Sparks Row

Over 30,000 non EU students every year had their visas curtailed by UK Home Office in previous three years. Around license to sponsor foreign students were revoked of around 410 educational institutions in the similar duration.

Restriction of 30,000 UK student visas every year sparks row

As per UK Home Office it was crackdown on immigration abuse. The UK Home Office counts the visiting and departing foreign students while they set their target of net migration.

The statistics revealed by Home Office, reveals that around 99635 students had their visas restricted in three years till the end of December 2015.

In the year 2013 around 33,210 student visas and in the year 2014 around 34210 and in the year 2015  32215 student visas were curtailed.

List of educational institutions whose licenses were cancelled are 199 in the year 2013, 129 in the year 2014, 72 in the last year.

Immigration Abuse

According to Home Office it was not able to give details of types of institutions whose licenses were revoked.  Cancellations have been targeted on poor quality institutions. during that time, no university license was revoked although few of those were suspended provisionally.

Home Office told that they continue to change the system of visa for tackling abuse and deliver effective system of immigration that works in countrywide interest.

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