Rejection Rate Of Visas For Indians Has Increased In New Zealand

Many visas for Indian students  has been denied than approved in the previous ten months, as immigration department of New Zealand is fighting extensive fraud.

In the statistics that were revealed, around 20,887 applications that the agency got from the Indian applicants were denied. Among the denied applications, around 9190 applications were lodged by education advisors, lawyers and student agents who were working without a license.

According to the President of Immigration Advisors of New Zealand, Munish Sekhri, an Indian based firm representing licensed agents, fraud in India was widespread and it will be an uphill task for immigration to win this battle.

According to him, one in three of those applicants are from Punjab and around 80% of those are from Hyderabad.  The unlicensed agents do anything from arranging false documents, offering  fake funding etc.

For $1000, agents will set up false phone numbers and email ids to impersonate clients for taking verification calls from immigration.

Mr. Sekhri also told that many private training institutes and few polytechnic and technology institutes are involved in this fraud.  They like to do work with agents who are unlicensed in India who drives big numbers of students to visit New Zealand.

Over the previous two years, Immigration’ Mumbai branch that processes entire student visas from Indian citizens has uncovered around 265 educational agents who had submitted their applications with fake data. It was also found that around 338 applicants had utilized imposters and around 340 with fake funds and 39 with fake documents.  Since, the year 2010, around 1248 students from India has been deported and around 74 of them in this year till last month.

Area Manger of Immigration NZ told that the department and the Authority of Immigration Advisors were aware of the fake methods.

The campaign will continue in New Zealand for next three months.  Indian student’s visa approval is around 49% which is the lowest in the key foreign student markets.

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