Jobless International students involved in criminal activities

New Zealand has observed an  increase in the number of international students since 2014. But, in 2016, the numbers have declined to 27268 international students during the first three months. The figures indicate  6% decline, over the same period in 2015.

The Tertiary Education Union has expressed concerns over the growth of the education industry that is causing damage to the global reputation.

Sergeant Gurpreet Arora from Counties, speaking on the international student’s involvement in the criminal activities said, students come to New Zealand after borrowing huge sums of money that would put them under unsafe conditions.

He said they come here anticipating jobs to repay loans taken back home, if they are unable to find the job, they turn to some other means. "That could be getting involved in crime as well, committing a crime, getting involved in activities, prostitution.” "When those students, who are not able to find a respectable job, and they are desperate ... there are individuals in the community who take advantage of that situation."

Mr. Arora while sharing his opinion on how to counter the situation said, both the community and the government must take the initiative to support vulnerable students involved in the criminal activities.

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