Indian Student in Australia to Face Deportation

Posted on: 10 Jun 2016  |   Tags: Australian Citizens , Over tax scam , Student from India ,

Pratik Hasmukhbhai Davariya, a student from India, was convicted for his role in the phone scam that threatened the Australian Citizens who evaded taxes and collected money from them.

Though Pratik did not devise the scam, he was part of the scam that threatened Australians who tax evaders and collected a huge sum of money by blackmailing them. Finally, he was caught in the last act in the phone scam of $43, 908. He collected $2,000 in this scam but overall he was involved in the nine money laundering cases.

The court recorded that the tax evaders made payments to Pratik's bank account. These scammers used to call these tax evaders claiming to be from the tax department and siphoned money from them.

The magistrate said, "I accept you did not devise the scam or make the phone calls."

"Whilst you had a lesser role, your role was no doubt critical. The scam you assisted used intimidation and, like all scams, preyed on the vulnerable."

Pratik had already spent over one year in jail and may be eligible for the immediate release. Once he is released from the custody he will face deportation as his student visa is expired.

In the phone scamming case only two victims have been recognized, and they will be compensated from Pratik’s account.

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