The Indian student has pleaded guilty to as many as nine courts of knowingly engaged in case of money laundering.  He was detained in the month of August previous year in Riverland, over his role in a scam that police alleged involvement of over $50,000.

This Indian student visited Australia on a student visa and was stressed financially so he contacted a friend in the home country for assistance.

His friend put the accused in contact with another person, who told accused of using his bank account for transferring money and in exchange he will be given a money loan.

Accused lawyer told that his client had suspected that the money was tainted but was not aware where it was coming from.

The accused knew that the funds should have been source illegitimately but felt thankful for continuing his work.

The court heard that the accuse is in custody since last year and his student visa had got expired.  He will be taken to the immigration detention centre from the jail and then he would be deported back to India.

The accused lawyer told that the sentence imposed must not exceed the time his  client had already spent in detention. The magistrate would sentence the accused next month.

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