The Chinese students faced the visa cancellation by the department of homeland security of USA

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Around 100 students from face visa cancellations after a strong verification by the U.S. Homeland Security department to find the encouraging groups of false universities and assist the students for illegal visas, Reported by central television of china on Wednesday.

The Chinese students faced the visa cancellation by the department of homeland security of USA

20 fraud agencies have been caught by the department. More than 1000 students from India and china have faced the problem of visa cancellations. Authorities of US announced last week that a fake University named New Jersey, Northern established by them. The sham school had no teacher or administrative employees and no educational programs had ever taken place, reported by CCTV.

Surnamed Zhang a student of china told he unaware that the false institute and not even believed that the authorities of United States had been tricked him along with hundreds of peers. Deng Hong the lawyer of students of china to deal with matter t said that the students who are interested to stay in America after their legally issued student visa expired were implicated.

The students who are interested to remain in the U.S. they have to change their previous visa to an H1B visa which allows for the purpose of employment. But it is very tough competition. Minimum 250,000 students are take part in raffle system for eighty thousand H1B visas that finished in the first week of April, told deng.

The annual report of Open Doors informed by the International Education institute indicates that more than one million students around the globe were pursuing their higher studies in United States, in the academic year 2014-15. Out of them 304,000 students were from china only.

The students having the expiry student visa will not be able to take part to find an H-1B in the raffle process but have to pay an agency about 10,000 Yuan (US$1,500) so that it might be enroll in a affiliated school by which they could able to stay in USA .

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