Visa Scam: Tourists to NZ Suffer from Fake Online Applications

Visa Scam: Tourists to NZ Suffer from Fake Online Applications

The Government in New Zealand is handling the implementation of tourist tax in a clumsy manner for unofficial overseas websites that fleece future visitors to New Zealand. Immigration New Zealand has urged tourists to use official websites or apps for applying to get new online visa and for the details of international visitor levy.

The Charging is way More than the Official Fees

This warning has come and the non-official sites are presently charging travelers much above the $35 for International Visitor Conservation/Tourism Levy and $9-$12 for the NZ Electronic Travel Authority. The levy became chargeable after July 1 requiring tourists, visitors on working holiday, workers and students for paying $35 for helping in the funding of conservation projects and tourism infrastructure.

The NZeTA is mandatory for visitors from 60 countries from October 1. It has to be applied before visitors enter New Zealand and has a cost of $9 on mobile app of INZ's and $12 on website. Some people use the unofficial websites and apps because the official websites and apps are difficult to use. The Minister of Tourism has promised to make things easier for visiting NZ. Additionally the quick implementation of tourist tax was the reason behind unofficial websites coming up.

The Practical Difficulties in Use

The Government released the official app, but all visitors must use it separately and families find it tough to pay the tax in a simple transaction. It is much of a hassle and bureaucratic for travelers. There was correction in many applications every week as the app was poor in reading names and passport numbers.

The Government has to realize that the new tax will lead to less visitors and also a loss of $70 million for various businesses with adverse consequences and fall in numbers from India and China.

Immigration NZ stated that many companies having no connection with Government or INZ operate by using misleading names and charge the visitors exorbitantly than the official price. Instead the visitors can do it themselves quickly and easily.

The Corrective Approach

These fraudsters claim to provide expedited services that are not presently available and third parties submit the information regarding the travelers to INZ after using the format or mobile app which these travelers themselves can use. These parties also collect extra information that is not actually required in the NZeTA request.

The travelers need to use the official website of the government. The global campaign in digital marketing, directly linked to the INZ website, will help to ensure the use of official channels to forward the request to NZeTA. The government is working in close cooperation with travel agents, airlines, and cruise operators to ensure that they direct travelers to official channels.

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