$4 Million Assets Seized by New Zealand in Operation Nova

$4 Million Assets Seized by New Zealand in Operation Nova

Immigrants arrested and assets worth $4 million seized as police embarked on the second phase of Operation Nova.

A home, $1.6 million, four Range Rovers, $150,000 each, a Louis Vuitton bag, $13,000, and a gold chain, $10,000, were all parts of the assets seized from a gang called Comancheros in a raid by the police.

An investigation was conducted by the police, into an alleged drug dealing and money laundering which led to the arrest of a number of the members of the Australian gang, including the president of New Zealand chapter - Pasilika Naufahu. The April arrests, at the end of Operation Nova, also included a lawyer, a media personality and an accountant.

The $1.6m home, registered in the name of a media personality, was the abode of the NZ chapter president. Both Naufahu and the media personality denied all wrongdoing. The arrested lawyer, whose name is suppressed alongside the media personality and the $1m family home is restrained under the Criminal Proceeds Recovery Act, also pleaded not guilty to eight charges involving money laundering.

Wealth from Criminal offending

Police alleged that the gang import methamphetamine from Mexico and amassed enormous wealth from the illegal act. A detective Superintendent said the wealth they made from the criminal acts will be taken from them.

The raid was the second phase of Operation Nova with the first phase announced in February. In the first phase, 5kg of methamphetamine was found by customs officers and another 6kg of the Class-A drug was found by police. A Canadian national, a New Zealander, a US national and a Chinese national were arrested in the raid.

A top rank officer said these gangs are usually connected with violence, revealing that several kinds of firearms were retrieved in the operations.

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