The United States Releases 19,723 Foreign Criminals

The United States released 19,723 foreign nationals convicted of various crimes in 2015. The criminals released served in different prisons, and they are involved in heinous crimes such as kidnapping, sexual assault, drugs, homicide, hit and run, and other serious offenses.

The different sections of the United States have been severely dissatisfied with the Government’s move. They opine that instead of deportation, they have been released and set free in the country encouraging further involving in the crime.

As the Federal Court gave a verdict that the foreigners cannot live in the detention centers, they have been released.

There are several reasons for not deporting the foreign nationals involved in the crime. The primary problem being the travel documents, as their country of origin is not providing enough arrangements for the movement.

The countries which are not providing the travel documents where terrorism is active included: China, Cuba, Afghanistan, Algeria, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Guinea, Mali, Libya, Somalia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Gambia.

The US Presidential administration is unwilling to contain migration from these countries, despite the lack of support in information sharing and co-operation in controlling them.

The United States presently have over one million people from the neighboring countries that are not registered.

The criminals who involved in the heinous crimes, it is tough for the United States to deport them.

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