Two restaurant employees from India facing deportation after arrest

Posted on: 21 Apr 2016  |   Tags: Reside and work in UK , UK Home Office , Work Visa Crimes ,

Two ment working illegally in a restaurant from India in Sandhrust has been arrested following bust from the UK Home Office.

UK Home OfficeOfficers from the Immigration enforcement department had visited the Indian restaurant in Yorktown Road on 13th April.

Restaurant staff was inquired for checking if they had right to reside and work in the UK.

As an outcome, officials has arrested two men, one 33 year old who was residing even after his visa had expired and another man whose age is 27 years who got no right to do job in the UK.

These two has been held pending exclusion from the UK. The restaurant was also served a warning of notice and penalty of 20,000 pounds per illegal employ can be imposed.

The business would be liable for paying this penalty until they could show the correct pre job checks were taken place by taking permission to do the job.

As per the spokesperson from the Home Office, they had taken report of unlawful job very seriously and carry out usual operations for handling mistreatment of system.

Unlawful working cheats the taxpayer,undercuts honest employers and means legal job seekers are denied job opportunities.

Employers who had violated the regulations would face a serious fine.

According to the spokesman from the UK Home Office, they depend on the data from members of public and will urge public to report suspect unlawful working to them.

This is the second time the restaurant has been out of order for hiring unlawful employees in just more than a year.

Seven staff members who were native of Bangladesh were held after raid in the month of March previous year.

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