Nigerians to observe suspicious activities of compatriots

Posted on: 18 Apr 2016  |   Tags: ,

Nigerians visa crimeNigerian Diaspora Organization NIDO in Qatar has organized a meeting to avoid the criminal operations of the fellow Nigerians as there are recent reports of Nigerians being caught in the fraudulent practices of visa documentation. The Nigerians were told to report on the suspicious activities of the fellow Nigerians. The 7500 Nigerians settled in Qatar with various professions. The organizers spoke about the reputation of the nation being spoiled due to the illegal practices such as producing fake documents and forged signatures. The community leaders told that the Nigerians involved in the illegal activities must inform the embassy about the criminal activity of the fellow Nigerian. Last month, the Doha criminal court proved six Nigerians of guilty in the case related to the unnamed European countries forged documents. The well-wishers of the society are worried about the reputation created by the fellow Nigerians. The organization is working hard to contain the illegal practices by the fellow Nigerians.

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