Nigerian Involved In Rape Case Booked Twice For Crimes

A Nigerian national who was arrested last week in India had been accused of two other cases in India. The accused was charged with rioting, and living in India after completion of the visa expiry in India.

Kenneth Upweghda, a Nigerian national was arrested for raping women; he is under the three-day police custody.

In 2013, Kenneth involved in blocking the national highway and rioting and attacking the people, and in 2012 Kenneth was booked for overstaying in the country.

Kenneth now arrested for kidnapping and raping a woman in Goa, there has been a massive response from the media, and the other sections of the society for alleged crimes by the Nigerians.

There are serious crimes committed by the Nigerians in India; few tactful Nigerians are trying to gain through loopholes, and to secure the visa extension they involve in the crimes.

Nigerians in India are engaging in the serious crimes which are disturbing the social fabric of the nation. They are participating in the supply of the narcotics and in presenting fake documents; they are breaking the system of law in India, they are not abiding by the laws of the land.

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