Immigrant Detainees in Canada's Prisons on Hunger Strike

The hunger strike by 50 immigrant detainees in the two prisons of Canada’s Ontario Province, entered the 14th day. The inmates had stopped consuming food over the last 14 days and some are determined to continue till their demands are met.

According to Immigration consultant MacDonald Scott, who is representing four of the detainees on strike, said that they would continue the indefinite strike until they are allowed to meet with Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale. The prisoners demanded to confine detentions to 90 days and stop sending them to maximum security prisons.

Scott said, "My understanding from people on the inside that I have talked to is that a number of the longer-term detainees are determined to stay on the strike until they get the meeting with Ralph Goodale." The detainees wanted to ensure deportation to their country of origin, within 90 days after release from detention centers.

The inmates, who are refusing food, have been moved to Toronto East Detention Centre in Scarborough and the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, Ontario. Immigrant convicts, who have criminal backgrounds and considered as high risk, are being transferred to provincial prisons.

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