Hate Crime surges in UK after Brexit

As per the Police data, hate crime in the United Kingdom has increased to a large extent in ‘Eurosceptic’ zones after the popular ‘Brexit’ vote this year.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) report suggests that hate crimes surged by three-fold in the areas where people have voted for the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. The figures show an increase of 57 % hate crimes across the nation.

According to the NPCC head, Mark Hamilton, ‘the debate on ‘Brexit’ referendum was responsible for the increase in hate crimes.’ Four weeks after June 16, NPCC received over 6000 reports of hate crimes.

Lincolnshire, where 75% of people voted for the Britain’s exit, has recorded the highest number of offenses. The Kent, region where 60% people voted for the Britain’s exit has recorded increase in hate crimes by 143%.

The most common crime reported was public harassment.  According to the NPCC data, racially provoked people were involved in assaults, threatening, man-handling, arson, causing criminal damages, possession of a bladed weapon.

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