Four telugus in the US has been charged with H-1B visa fraud

The US Customs Enforcement and Immigration (ICE) Department has unearthed a major nationwide H-1B visa fraud and has charged four individuals from AP and Telangana state among the others for plot to harbor foreigners for profit and for visa fraud. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department has recognized hundreds of individuals from AP and Telangana, who had acquired employment through deceptive means. It has also informed that not only the H-1B visa fraud for kickbacks and commissions, it had also come across abuse of student visa program as well. The officials from the US Homeland Security Investigations and ICE Departments had conducted a countrywide crackdown after they had exposed a fraud from Indians and Chinese staying in the US with the support of Pay to Stay Northern New Jersey University. According to the ICE, around 21 individuals has been charged along with the individuals from China. The accused were recruiters, brokers, and employers. Undercover operations find visa fraud As per the information from the US ICE, the Northern New Jersey University was not having any educators, instructors and they had no curriculum, and they had not conducted any actual classes. It only operated as a storefront place with small office which was staffed by agents who were posing as administrators. The University also represents itself as a full-fledged school which was authorized to grant eligibility certificate for non immigrant F-1 student visa for language and academic students (Form I -20). Homeland Security Investigation agents have recognized hundreds of overseas citizens, basically from India and China, who had earlier visited the US on F-1 visas. Through hiring firms and business units located in New Jersey, Illinois, California, Virginia and New York. These Individuals who were involved in criminal prosecutions enable around 1076 overseas individuals to deceptively maintain their nonimmigrant status. The used the university to falsely acquire job authorization and job visas for many clients. Those individuals were outsourcing their overseas citizen clients as full-time workers with many US based firms in exchange for payment.

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