Four held for assuring Sri Lankan refugees of Australia Immigration

TheCID police in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu have arrested four people in connection with the case for collecting money from the Srilankan refugees camped at Kottur in Coimbatore, they are trying to lure the refugees showing the illegal passage to Australia.

ASrilankan Refugee A. Edison from the camp at Kummidipoondi in Tamil Nadu'sThiruvallur district. L. Vimalan from Kilinochi and other two residents fromChennai are involved in the case.

TheKottur Refugees camp started in 1980, and it is providing shelter for 193families since the camp began operative.

According to the initial police investigation, the accused tempted the refugees of taking them to Australia through illegal routes by boat. In return they demanded Rs. 70 000 per single person.

The culprits collected a sum of Rs. 3.75 lakhs from the refugees living in theKottur camp of Tamil Nadu.

The incident was revealed to the public after an inmate N. Muthuraja complained about the issue with the local police.

According to the information given by the police, the accused were arrested at AnnamalaiMukkonam on the early Tuesday. They were sent to puzhal prison in Chennai.

The four culprits were arrested and charged under the section 120(B), 370 and 420.

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