British parliamentary panel opens inquiry into treatment of Indian students

Posted on: 16 Apr 2016  |   Tags: ,

The UK parliamentary panel has started an inquiry in the treatment of foreign students,  most of them Indian citizens, who were charged of cheating on tests for English language and were forced to leave the country.

British parliamentary panel opens inquiry into treatment of Indian students

The select committee of House of Commons Home Affairs, Chairperson, Keith Vaz, who is also an Indian origin MP of Labor Party started the inquiry into Home Office ‘s reply to the cheating scandal.

According to him, this is a shocking verdict on the ministers and officials at UK Home Office, it is obvious that there are various  innocent individuals who speak flawless English language who has been denied their right to stay in the UK due to reaction of the UK Home Office.

Hearing this week came after the ruling previous month by upper tribunal of the UK permitting a test appeal by students charged of cheating in TOEIC conducted by subsidiary of ETS based in the US.

The deceitful scam was exposed by the investigation in the year 2014. It discovered that consultancies of immigration and foreign education agencies were charging for assisting the foreign students with poor English language get around English language test needed for student visa and visa expansion.

An investigation by the UK Home Office had asserted extensive troubles with the system of test and many student unions believe around 100 academic institutions were closed.

The outrage also incited many dawns raids by officers of border agency and resulted in the extradition of 48,000 foreign students around 70% of those were from India.

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