69,000 Crimes Committed by Migrants in Germany

Germany’s Criminal Investigation Department revealed astonishing facts that would strengthen opposition parties to raise the issue of immigration. The criminal report states that over 69 k crimes by migrants were registered in the first quarter of 2016.

The Criminal report reveals that 28.3 of the crimes were forgery cases, 29.2 percent were thefts and 23 percent involved in the violent crimes such as robbery. 6.6 percent involved in the drug-related offences and 1.1 in sex-related crimes.

The report strengthens the stand of anti-immigrant parties against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s liberal policies on migration. Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) Party has been campaigning against Merkel, for her policies, which eventually will affect Germans.

This is the first time the Germany’s federal agency published the crime records of the immigrants. There is no comparable data as it is a nationwide report on crimes. The crimes committed by migrants decreased by 18 percent between January and March.

Afghans, Iraqis, and Syrians are the prime suspects in the crimes and they are biggest groups in seeking asylum in Germany.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel’s liberal motives aim to accept over one million refugees from Asia, Africa, and Middle East countries. But, the recorded number of crimes may fuel uncertainty towards Merkel’s open policy.

Thanks to the above, Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) Party, the right wing party is growing swiftly, and its anti-immigrant stand is gaining enough attention by attacking the groups that support migrant inflow into Germany.

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