10 Indians arrested in the US visa sting, hundreds of students facing extradition

Posted on: 07 Apr 2016  |   Tags: US visa Fraud , US visa sting ,

US Enforcement department has arrested around 21 individuals including 10 Indians on charge of visa fraud that involves around 1000 international students. According to the Justice Department, as many as 21 individuals were arrested from New Jersey, Washington, New York and Virginia. These individuals were hires, brokers and employers that had conspired with over 1000 international students to falsely acquire student and overseas job visas through a college in New Jersey. According to the federal complaint, the defendants, most of them who were operating the hiring firms for foreign students were taken into custody for their alleged involvement in schemes of admitting international students in Northern New Jersey University, a professed for College situated in Cranford, New Jersey. The UNNJ was started in the month of September 2013 by federal agents. Through this university the undercover HSI agents had investigated criminal activities connected with the SEVP, that includes student visa fraud and porting of foreigners for the means of profit. The University had no staff members like lecturers and instructors and didn’t even had any curriculum and they had not conducted any actual class or academic activities. The university has been operating as a storefront place with minute offices which were staffed by the federal agents who were posing as school administrators. As told by Justice Department. During the probe, HSI agents had identified many overseas citizens from India and China who earlier visited the US on student visa for attending different SEVP recognized schools. Through many hiring firms and business entities situated in New Jersey, Virginia, California, New York and Illinois, the accused then enable about 1076 of these overseas persons who were willing to participate in scheme to falsely maintain their visa status in the US that they participated in courses to pursue education in the University. At the time of dealing with the undercover agents, the accused entirely know that none of their overseas citizen clients will attend any actual courses, make actual credits, or make academic progress towards an actual degree in any stream. Rather, the accused had also facilitated the admission of their overseas citizen clients in the University to falsely maintain status of student visas in exchange of bribe or commissions.

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