US Immigration To Raise Site Visits Of Employers On L-1 Visa

The US National Security Directorate and Fraud Detection (FDNS), that is a fraud unit of the USCIS has declared the proposal to raise the number of sites made to employers on L1 visa who hire foreign employees on both L-1A and L-1B visas for employees who posses specialized knowledge during the present fiscal year.

The decision to increase the site numbers came in reply to the report published by the US DHS in the year 2013 that analyzed the L-1 intra firm transfer program and also made recommendations of minimizing the fraud cases and standardize the decision making while considering  applications for L-1 visa petitions.

FDNS is accountable for the site audits, which has been viewed as sharp increase over previous three to four years.  Around 30,000 sites would be visited to set up whether data provided as part of petitions for L-1 visa is correct. In the year 2010, the government of the US had stepped up its anti fraud operations and scheme go on to gather pace.

FDNS was focused on looking for breaches in rules for H-1B visas. Increasingly employers  of L-1A and L-1B visa had became the target of audits from FDNS. The success of scheme has bring in the expansion and It is projected that more than 80% of DHS fraud investigation are taken place as a outcome of site visit.

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