Thailand Seeks Foreigner's Social Media And Bank Account Details

Posted on: 26 Apr 2016  |   Tags: Immigration Bureau of Thailand , Visa application ,

Thailand authorities has updated its procedure for of visa application, and it has asked foreigners to give information regarding their accounts in social media sites, bank account details and information about the places they visit frequently.

The Immigration Bureau of Thailand is now offering expatriates and tourists with a type of form that looks for gathering personal information citing crime prevention and country’s security.

The latest form which is titled ‘Record of foreigner Data’ was taken into use from previous week. This form asks for information like name, passport number, date of birth etc.  It also taking information on the entire social media sites utilized by the travelers and also the name of places that the individual is going to visit.

The application form has also taking bank details, details of license plates of vehicles that are used by the travelers.  providing few details has been kept as optional but few details in the form has been marked as mandatory.

As per the Deputy Commissioner of Crime Suspension unit of the Bureau, Chatchawan Wachirapaneekhun, if an individual does not commit crimes then these queries must not be a problem for them.

Wachirapaneekhun told that sudden increase in the population of expatriate in Thailand has led to increase in crimes as well that are committed by the travelers. He recommended that the latest data will assist in tracking down the offenders.

He also said that they want to gather data for keeping track of travelers and able to connect to them in emergency cases and country’s security.  It would help our work in case of crime or terrorism that impact the society.

Thailand records vast overseas visitor numbers each year, getting to as many as 30 million last year.  Last year, Thai police had witnessed around many thefts, robberies and burglaries that are also made by travelers  in an increasing rate, it also witnessed 8.6% increase in crime for the similar period.

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